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The FlexMod P3 driver is an advanced high speed, high current capability, linear current regulated
diode driver with a very small footprint. It is designed for flexible industrial, experimental, and custom optical applications.

The FlexMod P3 driver , and is also fit for driving current-regulated loads such as high-power
LEDs and small current controlled heating and cooling devices. The FlexMod driver is capable of driving diodes from 100mA to 4A with a modulation bandwidth of DC-160kHz and with no overshoot.

• Power input: 5-24VDC
• Analog Input: 0-5.0V, clamped for protection.
• TTL input: 0-5V Off-On
• Gain setting: 25 turn potentiometer 0-4A output.
• Bias setting: 25 turn potentiometer range 0-1A output
• Output loop circuit sensing
• Interlock loop
• Positive regulation (high side)
• Input ESD protection
• Output ESD protection (of the driver)
• Soft-start delay
• Dimensions: 1.25”x0.87” (32x22mm)
Description of Operation:
The FlexMod P3 can be considered a sophisticated voltage to current converter with added diode
protection and safety features. It can accept input power in the range of VDiode + 1.5V up to 24V and the output voltage will match the load requirement.
Typically, a laser diode has a lasing threshold current above which its light output increases rapidly. In order to keep the diode in a low impedance and ready state, a below-threshold bias
current is passed through the diode continuously, even with 0 modulation input. This current is set with the 0-bias potentiometer. Modulation is input to the M+ connection on the PCB. Driver output current will rise linearly with respect to Parameter Specification Unit.

FlexMod P3 driver The FlexMod P3 driver

  • Input Voltage (Vdd) 5 – 24 V
  • Max Output (Diode) Voltage Vdd – 1.5 V
  • Output Current 0.01 – 4.0 A
  • Bias Current 0 – 1000 mA
  • Regulation Ripple (1Hz -100kHz) < 1.0 %
  • Input Impedance 99 k?
  • Maximum diode lead loop length 3 ft
  • Maximum continuous power dissipation 25 W

Pin Description:

M+ Modulation input connection: 0-5V
G Power ground and modulation ground connection
V+ Power input connection: 5-24V
- Output return (Gnd) (LDK)
+ Positive current output (LDA)
Int Interlock connection; connect to V+ via interlock loop
Mod+ Gain 0 Bias
Gnd -Out (LDK)
V+ Balance +Out (LDA) Interlock
Caution: Discharge the output contacts after turning the driver off
before connecting the load.
Caution: Static sensitive components. Ground yourself and your
soldering workstation while handling.
Caution: Sensitive elevated components. Do not twist or excessively
bend or internal lead disconnection may result.

Disabling Soft Startup Safety Delay:

The 7 second startup delay can be disabled by
applying a solder bead jumper between the
rightmost pads of the 5-pad series at the
bottom left of the top side of the driver.

FlexMod P3 driver size The FlexMod P3 driver

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